Non-Exec Directorships

As Non-executive Directors, we would approach most positions with the following in mind:

Vision - We can research and formulate a vision and visionary path for the organisation.  In conjunction with the board and management define the relevant stakeholders and prioritise those stakeholders.

Critical Identification - In consultation, we can identify the critical aspects of the organisation whether that be cash flow, profitability, product development, USP or other area critical to the successful advancement of the organisation.

Structural Assessment - After extensive discussions and internal review, we can formulate a human resources audit as to the governance, management and implementation strengths and weaknesses.

Review - We will conduct ongoing reviews to contantly re-assess the organisation and modify the vision, critical identification and structural assessment with a view to gaining consensual agreement of the way forward.

Either of the partners of Brockwood Services have particular skills which enable them to be particularly effective Non-exeuctive Directors.  Amongst other skills are the following:

  • We have the time available to fulfill the duties requested and if these become too onerous, then we will provide feedback
  • We have an independent but objective judgement
  • We are original thinkers since we are not from a "classic" non-executive director background
  • Regulation compliance is second nature
  • We are able easily to review the company's memoranda and articles of association
  • We can be flexible and undertake the position over either the long-term or the short-term
  • We have an eye for corporate social responsibility
  • We have particular experience in excercising care, skill and diligence having experienced unlimited liability throughout our business careers
  • We are well attuned to the potential for any conflicts of interest
  • We have had extensive experience in providing advice and objective comments without becoming involved in the day-to day running
  • We are straight talking but tactful
  • We are readily available for discussions, mentoring and blue-sky strategy trend conversations
  • As patent agents, being clear and concise is essential
  • We are single-minded and courageous but always seeking consensus through gentle influence
  • We have intimate knowledge of acquisitions from both sides of the bargaining table
  • We are creative thinkers
  • The induction process will be highly efficient as we are trained to quickly and perceptively understand complex issues
  • We are happy to change the emphasis on the services needed depending upon the circumstances

Clifford Sturt, one of the partners of Brockwood Services LLP, first became a Company Director in 1982.  Since then he has added three more Company Directorships.  He has also been a sole trader as well as a partner in nine different partnerships.  This has provided a wealth of experience and success across a number of different industries.  The benefit of this experience and success is now being made available through the route of non-executive Directorships.

Sally Kenyon also has extensive experience having worked in a large mulitnational company, in a very large partnership, been a sole trader and a partner in several organisations and has held, and currently holds, company directorships. Such experience has led to an enviable understanding of diverse business cultures and so is able to achieve huge benefits for any organisation.

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