A Licence is a legal contract by which you permit another party to do something which would, in the absence of the Licence, infringe your rights.  Licences are most often granted in return for a monetary payment, but can be granted for other returns such as the grant of a Licence to you by the other party (so-called cross-licensing).  So far so good, most people probably know this much.  But, it is surprising that many people's knowledge of the basics does not go much further.  For example, the difference between "sole" and "exclusive" Licences.

A Sole Licence exists when the holder of an IP Right agrees to Licence one other party and one other party only.  An Exclusive Licence exists when the Rights holder not only agrees not to Licence any other party but also agrees not himself to undertake any of the activities which are being licensed.

By the time one starts considering which sections of a proposed Licence may or may not contravene the Regulations laid down by the European Commission, you are really in a very specialised area of Law.

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